The Lithium444

Overlanding, Work, Off Grid, Emergency, Back Up: power your fridge, computer, TV, lights and much more. The Lithium444 packs a punch to keep you in charge.

The portable Lithium444 power pack by Flexopower features high-quality Lithium Polymer batteries, MPPT solar charge controller, ultra-pure sine wave inverter and patented safety features.

The AC ultra-pure sine wave output delivers continuous 400W and is suitable for sensitive electronics including power tools, mixers, laptops, TV, CPAP machine

The DC output runs appliances from the 5V USB and 12V Cigarette lighter adapter.

Re-charge the Lithium444 from mains or in camp from the Baja-105 solar panel or while driving from a 12V car plug without the need for a dual battery system.

Accoreries You Can Power From Your Lithium 444

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